When LR6 was announced I couldn't wait to try out the new HDR and Panorama Photo Merge options. Unfortunately, I didn't have my DSLR on me. But what I did have was my Nexus 5 running Android 5 - which is capable of shooting to a DNG.

Better yet, the new build of LR Mobile released with LR CC supports DNG files from Android 5 natively.

I hopped the barrier and took a few source files for the Panorama:

Now this is my first time using L Camera so it took me a few tries to figure out exposure bracketing, it ended up that I realized it hadn't worked just as I hit my car. So why not? HDR of my car. Here are the 3 exposures I took:

Now I opened up the LR Mobile app on my phone and created a new collection. Forgive the naming mismatch, the screenshots were an afterthought. I named mine 'buttermilk', the name of the small waterfall in the Panorama.

That done I chose 'Add Photos' and picked from the camera gallery. DNG files are clearly marked, which is good because L Camera was spitting out JPEGs at the same time:

The photos began uploading, and I put my phone in my pocket. I enjoyed my walk back to the car and a nice cruise back to my office. By the time I arrived, the DNG files had been synced to my catalog in LR CC. I was then able to start my Photo Merge adventure.

Similarly for the Panorama. I used auto-crop and I think it turned out OK...too bad my shooting wasn't a bit more steady. Not bad for handheld!

Now because I was working in the 'buttermilk' collection, the interesting thing is the DNG files it created were automatically synced back to LR Mobile, meaning I can access them from my phone:

Very neat. I can share from there, either via LR Web or the typical android share options, as well as save to my gallery. And of course all the typical lightroom adjustments (local presets excluded - for now?)

Okay, but how did it do? Well here's the final HDR image. First 'SOOM' (Straight out of merge) and then edited:

Hm, not bad, but doesn't look like anything the base exposure from the source files couldn't pull off. Let's see. I made the exact same changes to both images and did some before/after. In fact, I copy and pasted the develop settings to a virtual copy.

Here's the HDR-edit vs the edited base exposure. First is the edited HDR, then the edited base image.

And a little more detail. Gentle (Luminance 20) noise reduction applied to both:

And of course the final panorama. Total time at my desk was approximately 2 minutes, and only because I sat to wait for the merges to complete. Completed the edits from a picnic bench while I ate my lunch. Final exports out of Lightroom at the end for another 2 minutes of desk time.

And yes, the crop is entirely non-destructive and YES, I can adjust it in LR Mobile if I would like: